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On building software. And other stuff in between

Tools for trade :

AutoHotKey [this is by far the best productivity enhancement tool ever] - This allow you to script your environment

ConEmu : proper terminal emulator for Windows. I'm using it with powershell set as default.

Total Commander : the best file manager out there. With some nice plugins. (commercial). Free good alternative is Double Commander

VistaSwitcher proper Alt + Tab.

Mpv : hands down the best video player around.

ShareX : the best screenshots utility.

Foobar2000 : best music player

Thunderbird : the most versatile email client. Also use the Nostalgy   addon.

Qbittorrent : bittorrent client.

I'm Marius Gheorghe, a software craftsman. This is my personal blog, opinions are entirely mine, blah blah.

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