Marius Gheorghe

Building software : make it work, make it good, make it fast

So what are you ?

I ask this question pretty often to my fellow colleague developers. I'm actually very interesting to see how exactly they perceive the work they do. Most of the time i get back the boring (and untrue) "engineer". Most of the people "doing software" seem to think they are engineers. This can't really be further from the true (if you don't believe me, you should speak with a "regular" engineer from other areas and compare your work with his/her).

Another category of people think of themselves in more abstract terms : poets (because writing code is exactly like writing poetry, right ?) or even philosophers. Obviously, this is bullshit....

Other people think of themselves as craftsmen (personally i think this is a lot closer to the truth). At the end of the day, personally, i think building software is a lot like regular craftsmanship.We use tools just like other craftsmen (instead nails and hammers we use IDEs and debuggers) to "craft" something. The result of our work is , hopefully, something that other people enjoy to use.

What i don't understand is why do people get upset when i told them there isn't much of a difference between what they do and people who build chairs...

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