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Chocolatey - the must have tool for Windows

Chocolatey is one of the must have tools for Windows. It's basically the equivalent of a package manager in Linux. It makes it very simple and fast to install, update and uninstall apps directly from command line.

So here's a short tutorial on how to use Chocolatey. First of all install it from (it's very interesting that chocolatey is implemented as a bunch of powershell scripts, "backed" by nuget ).

Here's how to use it (i wrote the examples using "git" as the app name...obviously replace git you the name of the app you want to install/update/uninstall).
- to install something we have to find out first if that particular piece of software is in Chocolatey repos (eg search for it). Let's use "git" as a example . To search for git just run
clist git
The output will list all the apps who have "git" in their names along with their version number. To install the app just run
cinst git
To see all software installed on your machine with chocolatey run
clist -lo (where lo stands for "local only")
To update a particular app to the latest version run :
cup git
To update ALL installed apps run
cup all
And finally to uninstall a app just run
cuninst git

That's it. App management that's imple, flexibile and directly from the command line.
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