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Decrapify your Android phone without installing a rom

Here's a short tutorial on how to remove all the junk that comes preinstalled  with a Android phone/tablet.

- root it. The easiest way to do it is with Framaroot. If Framaroot doesn't work for you look around for other methods that work with your phone/tablet model.

- install FDroid (basically a store app for OSS tools and tools that can't be accepted on Google Play).

- install /system/app mover . It's a tool which allows you to "convert" system apps to user apps. Change the type of all system apps you want to get rid of and reboot the phone. Important thing to note here is that you can also "convert" system services basically you can increase the battery life by removing those.

- now simply uninstall those apps just like you uninstall regualr apps.
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