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Farseer trilogy review


Without the slightest doubt one of the best trilogy i have ever read. Simply not just good fantasy but also good literature. I realllly felt sorry for Fitz Chivalry when i have finished reading the books.Also the ending of Royal Assasin was top notch. The only other book that kept me in "don't put the book down" mode was the ending the of the "Two Towers". And that should say something......


Customizing the CLR

Finished reading the book. It was a good read. Not really useful stuff for a "managed only" developer.
Actually you would love this if you have to write a "customized" CLR host. It's really interesting
how much work went into the CLR so it can be hosted inside SqlServer.
   My gripe is related to the customization of the CLR using the config file. We can't, for instance,
even customize the size of the thread pool. I'm not expecting to have custom task schedulers for CLR
using the config file but a little more controls over the CLR world be very appreciated. Anyway, for now,
if you want the good stuff you must write a CLR host.
  So the book is pretty good and well written. Recommanded.

NET books

   I've finished reading Chris Sells ""Programming Windows Forms in C#"" last night and...well i was kind of dissapointed. It's not a bad book but frankly i was expecting more. More ""hardcore content"". Stuff that i can't find in the docs. A big chunk of the book was ""fluff"" that you can find in the SDK. Anyway if you're interested in WinForms and you are a newbie you should grab it. If you aren't a newbie....hold on to your money. 

 Now....related to the .NET books. Is it just me or most of them just plain suck ? I mean....the ""regular"" .NET book seems to be just a rewrite of the SDK. Let's take the ADO.NET books...what informations do you find in, from the top of my head, ""ADO.NET cookbook"" that you can't find in the docs jQuery15208434510290844962_1350449720748? The best .NET book....definetly Essential .NET by Don Box. Highly recommanded. What's your favourite .NET book ?