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The companions and Night of the Hunter minireview

companions night hunter

"The Companions" is basically the first book of a new serie called "The Sundering". But it's also "fits" in the timeline of the Drizzt saga. Personally i didn't really liked the book. I think is basically superfluous. All the events described in this book could have been a chapter in the next "proper" book. It's kind of hard to describe exactly why i didn't like it this without spoiling the storyline so...i won't try.

"Night of the Hunter" is the first book in a new serie called "The Companion Codex". Overall i would say the book is okeish. From my point of view Salvatore is retreading too much but if you don't mind that, the book should be a enjoyable read. As least the good ol' drow scheming is back in action :)

Neverwinter saga minireview

    More Drizzt , yay !! The good news is that the first book, Gauntlgrym, is pretty enjoyable and hearkens a bit to the old books. The bad news is that the next 3 just aren't that great. They aren't bad but they aren't good either. My main criticism is that is just not enough interesting content in there. Too much filler (and, i think, RA Salvatore releasing a new book each year doesn't help with this). Anyway....personally i wouldn't mind waiting 2-3 years for a good book with Drizzt.

Transitions trilogy minireview

The Transitions trilogy is basically the last trilogy of Drizzt's saga with his Mithrill Hall companions. Compared with the earlier stuff the quality of writing has certainly decreased (after all Ghost King is the 19th book in the series) but it's still ok.

The first books "The Orc King" basically wraps up the storyline from the previous trilogy, The Pirate King is basically a standalone novel, who isn't that great. The last one (Ghost King) is by far the most interesting one and features some "old" returning characters. The story is just ok but i was very pleasently suprised by the ending of the book. Instead of the regular "Hollywood" ending , we get something ......else.

So, there you go. It's just ok, certainly not comparable with the older stuff.

The House Of Silk minireview

house of silk cover

I mentioned a while ago that i enjoyed reading all the Sherlock Holmes novels. So i've become very interested in "The House of Silk" when i've found out that it's actually an "official" Sherlock Holmes novel endorsed by the Doyle estate and written by Anthony Horowitz.

At first the idea of reading a Sherlock Holmes novel not written by Conan Doyle seemed stupid to me but i'm glad i gave this book a chance. Because it's a great book.Like really really great.The way those cases are linked together and the narrative itself are very good. And i was surprised to see that the writing style itself was pretty close to Doyle's.

So yeah...totally recommended if you like Sherlock Holmes novels.

SoulDrinker trilogy minireview

Ever since i've played the games (Space Marine, Dawn of War 2 ) i've wanted so read something from the Warhammer universe.So my first "foray" into the Warhammer 4K universe was the Soul Drinkers trilogy.

Overall the books are exactly what i have expected. Adrenaline action packed space marines kickassery with just the hint of story to keep everything nicely toghether. So if you're interested in the Warhammer universe i'd say these are a good start.

Free ebooks on FeedBooks

FeedBooks is a treasure grove for free ebooks (books to which the copyright expired). I mentioned a while ago i started reading more on a Windows Phone device using Bookviser (which has excelent Feedbooks integration btw). Since then i read all Sherlock Holmes novels (i've found "The Hound of Baskervilles" to be by far the best one ) and also decided to (re)read Dracula (which i found it to be pretty bad .....great intro followed by descent into boredom and a anticlimactic finale).

Now i'm slowly making my way through the 5th Tarzan ebook.

Darksiders : The Abomination Vault

Pretty good read. Expands the Darksiders universe in a interesting way (although the this story "happens" before the first Darksiders game) and fleshes out the characters of Death and War a bit more. Too bad Strife and Fury don't get more "screentime".

Steve Jobs biography


Just for the record i just want to say i REALLY don't care about Apple. (so don't expect this minireview being written from the point of view of a Apple fanboy).

This book has been a very pleasant suprise. I think the author manage to perfectly capture and describe Steve Jobs as a person (which obviously any good biography should do). I particulary liked the depiction of the 70s with the start of the IT industry and the partnership between Jobs & Wozniak (which seems like a great guy) and the description of Jobs "relation" with Bill Gates  (there's a faboulous quote in there "Bill was actually looking down on Steve because he couldn't actually program").


The road


Such a great book. It’s worth a read even if you saw the movie.  A book about a parent’s love for his child. The scare, minimalist writing style is also very interesting.

A song of ice and fire (first 5 published books) minireview

   This post was long time coming. So i finally read all 5 published books for "A song of ice and fire". I manage to break my own "don't read a series until is published entirely" mantra because i obviously watched the show, read the first book (just to see how faithful the show is to the book) and then, lo and behold, i basically read them all :)
    The series is very good. From my point of view the only "different" thing GRR Martin does (compared to other fantasy authors) is how he juggles with a huge cast of characters. Impressive. The biggest downside i'd say is the variable quality of the volumes (the first and third are top notch, the rest not so much).

So, as a conclusion, ASIOF is definitely worth a read.

The crimson shadow review

front cover159

It was ok. "A fine adventure" to quote the front cover but nothing really to write home about. This was the first trilogy i read entirely on a Windows Phone 7 device (using Freda which is basically the best ebook reader on the platform now). Reading on a WP7 phone was a ok experience but unfortunately not better than reading on my ancient HP pocket pc.

Coders at work

Good stuff. I enjoyed Joe Armstrong interview the most. The only nitpick i have is that the author didn't insisted more on "development tools". From my point of view a programmers is partially "defined" by the tools is using so it was a little disappointing to see that they talked so little about this.Recommended.