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The Red Queen's War minireview

The followup (i guess it can be called that ) to Broken Empire . Different main character, different "quest" but the madness is still there. While i didn't enjoyed Red Queen's War as much as Broken Empire (different strokes for different folks i believe ) it is still a good and enjoyable (you can read it independently of the Broken Empire but you'll miss some jokes/callbacks) series.

Bring them on , Mark Lawrence.


More books minireviews

The golem and the jinni

Very nice, very different from the "typical" fantasy novel. The genie in the past bits were the best, i'd gladly read a full novel with those parts.


The Night Angel trilogy

It's enjoyable. A much more "typical" fantasy series with good world building and character development.Most of it presented from a stealth assassin perspective. Towards the end , the narrative kind of stumbles a bit , but overall a enjoyable read.

More Drizzt books


First 2 are the last books from the Companions Codex trilogy while the last if first book from new Homecoming trilogy.
First 2 books are fine, they reminded me of the old school Drizzt stories, even the cast of characters are very.....familiar. The last one is pretty bad though. The entire books is used as a setup for the cooler things to happen next.

Dust and Shadow minireview

This is basically Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper. It's one of those Sherlock Holmes novels which aren't written by Conan Doyle . Overall i'd say the book is decent but the identity of Jack the Ripper was a bit of a letdown for me.

The first law minireview

"The first law" is a fantasy trilogy that goes off a bit from the beaten path. I enjoyed the writing style and the fact that some of the characters are not what you expect to find in a fantasy book (The Glokta character is especially "different"). The ending was a bit of a let down but overall it's a pretty solid "package". Recommended

After the main trilogy , there are 3 additional books that continue/reference some of the characters from the main story. I've only read the first 2:

Best served cold
best served cold cover
This is the book i enjoyed the most from all 5. It's a simple revenge story, dialed up to 11. Recommended.

The Heroes
the heroes cover
I actually really really disliked this one. I appreciate the idea of the book but i think the "execution" of that idea was downright
terrible. Not recommended

Sword of Destiny minireview

 sword of destiny

Ah, The Witcher series. "Sword of Destiny" is actually a standalone list of short stories (just like "The Last Wish"). Overall the stories and not that good compared with "The Last Wish" but there's a nice story there about Geralt meeting Ciri for the first time.

Recommended only if you read the Witcher saga, otherwise there's no point in reading it standalone.

Curse of the necrarch minireview

Names are all wrong in the Warhammer fantasy universe. I mean, who calls a badass vampire "Radu" ? Seriously, it's a vampire not a baker.
Anyway, the premise in "Curse of the necrarch " is very straightforward : big fight between humans and undead. That's basically it. There is some "background" plot to this but it's not really that interesting (or sufficiently developed). Overall i'd say the books is kind of meh.

Blackhearts minireview


This is the first book i've read in the Warhammer fantasy setting. It's actually a collection of 3 stories "tied" together with 2 short ones. It's the story of a ragtag group of human soldiers who do different "jobs" for the Empire in exchange for their freedom. Overall the quality is okeish, nothing bad but nothing great either.

Powder mage trilogy minireview

So i've found about these books while procrastinating on r/fantasy on reddit. The premise looked interesting (flintlock fantasy FTW) so i gave the books a shot. And boooom. These are the best books i've read in last few years. Interesting set of characters, great world building and magic system on top a gripping story. But the thing that was most impressive to me was the pacing. This trilogy has expert pacing. Really, once the story has its hooks into you, it's really hard to let go :)

I highly recommend these books to anyone. Also if you read them, they are a few published short stories set in the same universe as the "main books". I've read all of them , they are pretty good but i highly recommend reading at least "Fornsworn" and "Servant of the crown".

Dune / Dune Messiah minireview

dune    dune messiah

Just reading the classics. Although scifi is not my favorite genre, it makes sense to read what is apparently ranked as the world's best-selling science fiction novel. Overall i enjoyed the first book. I wouldn't go as far as say it's a "great book" , but it's enjoyable. I enjoyed the characters, world building and the environment/ecology part of the story (apparently Dune is the first book which deals with the environment/ecology subject). The story both drags in some parts and rushes in the other (especially in the second half) but it's not that bad.

Dune Messiah, on the other hand, it's a completely different kind of book. I understood why the book is written like that (the whole book basically "deals" with the psychological state of the main character after the events of the first book) but , in the end, the book is very different from the first one. It (mostly) lacks "action" and the tone is very different from the first one (not in a good way).

Overall, i'd say the first 2 books are not good enough to make me want to read the rest of them.

Indiana Jones novels minireviews

I was surprised to find out there are some Indiana Jones novels out there (which have nothing to do with the movies by the way). Since i like the Indiana Jones character i've read them and here's a few words about each one of them :

Peril at Delphi : okeish because we find how IJ becomes a archeologist.
Dance of the giants : Okeish
Seven Veils : Okeish
Genesis Deluge : Probably the best book and very Indiana Joneish.
Unicorns Legacy : so so.
Interior world : pretty bad actually. Kind of reminded me of the Pellucidar serie except is worse.
Sky Pirates : by far the worst book. The author should also do more research (hint : Henri Coanda was Romanian).

Jurrasic Park and The Lost World minireview

I was pretty surprised when i realized that the movie events only cover roughly 50% of the book story (there are a lot more stuff going one there). And the book is very nicely written, in a concise gripping manner. The second book, Lost World (just like the movie) is not as good as the first but it's still a entertaining read.

Recommended : true.

Goblin Corps minireview

goblin corps

The Darksiders book was ok so i thought it would be a good idea to read something else written by Ari Marmell. Sadly Goblin Corps isn't that good. It's the story of a team of "bad guys" (orc, troll, kobold, ogre etc) who do "stuff" and then move on to the next. The "meta" story is just cliche fantasy. At least the crude humor (and sometimes it is really crude) breaks the monotony.

Can't really recommend.

"The Broken Empire" minireview


This is such a pleasant surprise. A terrific fantasy trilogy with a "anti hero type" main character. Dark, violent and visceral this is basically the exact opposite of common "high fantasy" novels. The storytelling is succinct and to the point, just right not to get in the way of the action. A great story of revenge and redemption with a touch of madness thrown in.

Wholeheartedly recommended and personally i'm really looking forward to what Mark Lawrence is writing next.