Marius Gheorghe

Building software : make it work, make it good, make it fast

Tools for trade

These are Windows based ,since Windows is my "default" OS :

AutoHotKey [ this is by far the best productivity enhancement tool ever ] It basically allow you to script your environment.

ConEmu - proper terminal emulator for Windows. I'm using it with powershell set as default.

Total Commander - the best file manager out there. With some nice plugins. (commercial) . Free good alternatives are FARManager and Double Commander

Paint.NET free, features packed image editor.

Beyond Compare this is the best file comparation tool you can find (commercial)

VistaSwitcher proper Alt + Tab.

VirtuaWin fast, feature-full window desktop manager.

CLCL Clipboard caching utility. Multiple copy/paste. Yummmmy.

Pidgin for all my IM needs.

SMPlayer the best, most versatile video player around. Try MPV for a command line version.

MouseEmulator - it's a little better than the built in Windows solution.

Winsplit Revolution -  move windows with the keyboard (not updated anymore but still the best free solution).

Shotty - best free screenshot app out there

Sublime Text , VIM (cli version) and Visual Studio Code are my (interchangeable) text editors.

bug.n - THE tiling window manager for Windows.

Thunderbird - my favorite email client. Also install Nostalgy.

Firefox is still the best, most customizable browser around.

Foobar2000 as music player.