Marius Gheorghe

Building software : make it work, make it good, make it fast

Building my own

It's nice to be a developer. If no one builds the app i want i can just build it myself. And this is exactly what i have done for Windows Phone 7. Here are my current projects (OSS) :


News for Hackers - a client for HackerNews (code located here159)


Searcher - a simple app that allows you to search using multiple search engines (code located here160)


Unfortunately i can't publish them to the official WP7 marketplace (because i can't create a developer account from Romania) but feel free to try them if you have developer unlocked phone.


HackerNews OSS project for WindowsPhone 7


I really like HackerNews but the WP7 browser is not really the best way to enjoy the site content. So i cooked up NewsForHacker, a OSS app that will hopefully make HN more enjoyable on a WP7 device.

Unfortunately i can't publish the app on Marketplace (can't create a dev account from Romania) so if you think you can help with this, please contact me.

Windows Phone 7 development

Not much time for blogging lately. Sigh. Anyway, from my previous post it should be clear that i am working on a WP7 project. The app i am working on should be up in the marketplace at the end of October when the phones will be released.

Here are a couple of comments related to WP7 development :

- don’t treat it as a toy. If you approach the platform with the “desktop developer” mindset you will fail. Hard.

- think a lot about usability when designing the UI of a mobile app.

- understand the app lifecycle and the various performance tradeoffs.

- it’s Silverlight 3 with phone specific additions. You can use some stuff from Silverlight toolkit but don’t count on too many things working out of the box. Look into panorama & pivot controls. They are very useful in a lot of UI scenarios.

- the “runtime” (compact CLR + Silverlight) is pretty fast. For “regular” stuff you’ll never need to worry about performance.