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Setting up SublimeText 2 with Mingw



Here's how you can set up ST2 to work with Mingw:

- add the Mingw bin path to system Path env variable;

- rename ming's mingw32-make.exe to make.exe

- create a file called "makefile" (no extension) in the project's folder and update it accordingly to your project.

- in ST2 make sure the build system is "Automatic"

- press Cltr +B and it should work



Later edit : the final version of Sublime Text 2 changed some stuff to the build process, so it's easier to create a new build (tools/Buil System/Create New Build) and just paste

    "cmd": ["mingw32-make.exe"]

This is basically inovke mingw32-make in the same folder as the currently opened file. If you have a valid makefile there it should work fine.