Marius Gheorghe

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First Shopkeeper smart client in the wild

Here is it

Smart clients are cool. Very small (the Shopkeeper smart client is only 250 kb),with slick UIs they allow you to dodge the slow and clunky HTML interfaces and simply allow you to do your job faster and easier.

Shopkeeper has a smart client because i wanted to give my customer the choice to choose their tools. Some people have no problem with web applications but others simply want more. After being spoiled with great desktop applications is hard for some people to go back to web apps. And this is where the smart client comes into place. It allowed me to build a compelling shopping experience for every type of customer. And after all that is what really matters in the end : a compelling experience for your customers.


After months of hard work i'm proud to present you my latest work : ShopKeeper. It's a versatile e-commerce solution build in ASP.NET 2.0 (more details here.). The presentation site is here.Expect a tehnical post about it's implementation later.