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Resharper 7 XAML member navigation


Resharper 7 member navigation (Cltr + F12 for old school R# users) breaks in XAML if you have a resource dictionary which doesn't inherit directly from ResourceDictionary. The inheritance chain is something like MyDictionary  : DictionaryBase : ResourceDictionary.


My Visual Studio

Here are my Visual Studio 2010 settings & customizations. I'm using a black theme made by me (i call it MoonSorrow) . Here is how it looks in action :

If you want to try it here are the files :

- This is the VS Color Theme Editor156. Make sure you have the VS Color Theme editor installed to use it.

- my complete Vs settings file157 (be very careful with this and make a backup of your settings before importing this one).

- and finally my Resharper settings file 158 which includes the custom code formatter. Obviously back up your R# settings before trying out this one.


That' all. Happy Visual Studio customization :)

Latest Resharper build

Wowed by the latest beta performance improvements i have installed it. While it is a bit snappier when loading a big solution, Resharper’s auto completion is hopelessly broken in this beta (it crashes a lot throwing a LookupWindow related exception….yeah yeah….i have reported it). I’m anxiously expecting the final release but frankly i am beginning  to think that no matter how great this tool is, some part(s) of it will always be broken (until now the loading time for big solutions was almost unbearable).

Bad R# suggestion

Had :
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(textBoxSendData.Text))
MessageBox.Show("please enter the data");

and R# offered a conversion suggestion to :

if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(textBoxSendData.Text))
MessageBox.Show("please enter the data");

Bad R# :D

Resharper 2.0

Resharper is a wickedly cool addin for VS.NET 2003/ 2005 which really makes you “develop with pleasure”. The most important feature is by far the refactoring one which are way better AND FASTER than the default VS.NET 2005 ones. Unfortunately Resharper also has some annoyances : – his default shortcut keys override the VS.NET ones. I find this really anoying. It will be so hard to put a set of shortcuts which do NOT override the VS.NET ones ? Also , most of the shortcuts are bad……why the heck use Cltr + N for “Find type” ?! – it has some features that are somehow useless (like code templates aka VS.NET code snippets). The even more annoying part is that you can’t disable them. If you type foreach you end up calling the Resharper code template instead of the code snippet. If you want the code snippet you must Cltr + K, Cltr +X and then type the code. It will really help if these code templates could be disabled. – big memory hog. Other than this Resharper really helps with code cranking. Try at least the refractoring features.