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Threat from the sea review


This had the potential to be GREAT but unfortunately it ended up being only mediocre. The first book is very interesting and sets up "the stage" just right but the next 2 simply don't deliver. It's a shame because the backstory is very interesting.

Starlight and shadows

The action in this trilogy takes place between the Drizzt and the War of the spider queen novels and the heroine is Liriel Baenre.

The first 2 books are pretty good but the third one is pretty far off ( both as writing style and as a continuation for the storyline). If you're interested in drows than it's worth reading...

Sellswords trilogy

I'm in a reading spree :).
I'm talking about the last books of the "trilogy" because the first one doesn't have any connection with these 2 (but still it's a trilogy).
"The promise of the witch king" reads very much like the story of a second rate hack and lash RPG : assemble party, locate evil, kick ass. That's all .
"Road of the patriarh" is just simply....pointless. Story wise there isn't any point for that book to exist.
If Salvatore wants to "keep" Jarlaxe and Antreri as valid characters he must do waaaay better than this "Sellswords" trilogy.

Netheril trilogy


Great trilogy. It starts off kind of slow but then it builds momentum with each page and goes towards a great ending. What surprised me to this book is that it's between the few Forgotten Realms novels in which i couldn't guess the plot unfolding. The plot line simply jumps on and off, back and forth. Really good. Recommended.

The Nether Scroll

It's mediocre at best. It does have a very interesting setting but the story is severely lacking. After reading the entire "Lost empire" series i can honestly say that the only books which really worths reading is Star of Cursrah

Star of Cursrah review

A must read by Clayton Emery. It's probably one of the few Forgotten Realms that doesn't have a "straight to the mill" plot and actually makes you care about the characters. Good it.

The Lost Library of Cormanthyr

It's mediocre. It does have a interesting subject but the storytelling itself is lacking. Also the story feels a little "rushed" at the end and the end leaves a big opening for another book.

Moonshae trilogy

The Moonshae trilogy was the first Forgotten Realms trilogy published. It's really a good entertaining read although it does have its flaws. The first book (Darkwalker on Moonshae) stands on his own (it seems after the first book was published it was so successfull that made Douglas Niles to write another 2 books) and it's very enjoyable. The only flaw is that the action is soo predictable. The story is continued in "The Black Wizards". Unlike the first book in this one the plot is unpredictable and the action "flows" very nice. The trilogy ends with "Darkwell" and, although the first part of the book is written very good, it ends with the stereotypical "good guys always win" despite all odds.
Overall i would say this is recommanded reading.

The Cleric Quintet

So far, from what i have read, in my humble opinion this is Salvatore best work. Good plot, good characters, good pacing and overall very good fantasy writing. I would especially like to give praises to the last book in the serie "The chaos curse" which has a very nice horror theme.
This serie is a must read. 

The Drizzt serie

  The Drizzt serie is considered by many people the best serie from the Forgotten Realms novels. I finished reading the serie (all 17 books) a few months ago and, unfortunately, i can't really agree. First of all the serie is too big for its own good. The first books are very good (in fact i would say that Icewind Dale trilogy is top notch) but after that it's slowly goes downwards. Which is a real shame. The way i see it is that the author's writing style doesn't changes at all and it always pretty much more of the same.
But anyway i would really recommand at least the Icewind Dale trilogy.