Marius Gheorghe

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Lake of Tears concert

I went to see Lake Of Tears live 2 nights ago (both Rage and LoT were playing). I really like LoT and had very high expectations for the concert. Having listened to only a few songs i didn't really knew what to expect from Rage but i was very pleasantly surprised by the performance. Great show, music, sound quality, i liked the way they acted on stage....overall all a excellent performance.

After Rage i was really pumped up. And LoT took the stage and they started playing and...well...everything went downhill. Daniel Brennare, the LoT vocal player, was (at least half) drunk. Of course nobody would have cared about this if he would have given a decent performance, but the guy was almost mumbling. Of course it wasn't helped by the fact that the sound installation was running at max level and the fact that the bass covered all instruments.And the discussion with the public went something like "spit...friends...fuck yeah....spit...spit..spit...friends...fuck yeah". I was expecting a heck of a lot more from LoT but, unfortunately, it wasn't the case. :(

Blind Guardian concert in Bucharest

Friday evening i went to see Blind Guardian live.I have been waiting to see BG live for a while and was AWESOME !!! Great show, good play list (although they didn't played Precious Jerusalem), they played 13 songs in a row without break, lots of headbanging (my neck is still stiff :D). Can't wait for next time....