Marius Gheorghe

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ClickOnce - death of ASP.NET applications ?

At least ASP.NET applications for the intranet. I confess that i worked
on both Windows Forms and ASP.NET apps. As a user(and also as a programmer)
i prefer the first ones.The usability of the ASP.NET gives a lot to be desired.
The are slow and cluncky.I would choose a normal Windows Application over the
ASP.NET equivalent any time.
  In the intranet scenarios the only advantage of the ASP.NET apps is the deployment.
Deploy on server and forget about it. Update on server and everyone has the latest version.
Not so with Windows apps. It looks like ClickOnce is set to change some of that. I am
saying "some" because i'm not sure that ClickOnce will work in complex deploying
scenarios (for instance installing COM+ applications, adding assemblies to GAC etc).
The only demonstrations for ClickOnce i've seen were some "dinky single window form
app" on Channel9. Btw MS guys, when you do demos, it will give you a WAY better credibility
if you demo with more "Real life" apps instead of toys.
  So, it seems that with .NET 2.0, we will be able to deploy/update Windows Forms apps as
easy/fast as ASP.NET. Will this be the death of ASP.NET apps for intranet ?

I certainly hope so.