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Reminescing about the past. Part I

Don't know exactly why but i thought i should write about some of my "computing" experiences from my childhood. My first "computer" was a CIP 03.


This bad boy was produced by the romanian company Electonica and it was basically a ZX Spectrum156 clone (not sure if legal or not).

I have to say that unlike other people i basically become interested in computers because of games (a passion/hobby which i still have +25 years later). To get my parents to buy me a CIP 03, i kind of tricked them into thinking that one would help me a lot in school (for math) and that i would learn programming (not really interested in that back then).

And what fun times i had with this little machine. Playing the entire Dizzy collection157 (Spellbound was the best), Midnight Resistance, Operation Wolf, River Raid and all the other great games were one of the happiest moments of my childhood. Heck i remember even now the sound the game was doing when it was loading off the cassette tape (beep, beeep, beeeeep, brrrrrrr :)
Incidentally, my first contact with reading/writing code was because, sometimes, i wanted to cheat in games (infinite lives FTW). On same games, after loading for 7-8 seconds, you could temporarely stop the loading process and modify the values of some variables by writing a few lines of BASIC code.

That was basically it....writing a few lines of code to cheat in a game was the spark that ignited the passion for programming and discovering how that machine works.